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Fitness Centre at Vestlia Resort

The Vestlia Resort Fitness Centre is located downstairs next to the spa area and has an area of 300 square meters. The fitness area includes a modern gym, a spinning hall and a hall for aerobics, yoga and pilates classes, etc. As a guest at Vestlia Resort you are free to use the fitness centre as often as you like.

The fitness centre at Vestlia Resort is filled with fitness equipment for maximum benefit from the training; Treadmills, bicycles, ellipse machine, rowing machines, exercise equipment weights etc. With us, you can get guidance and assistance from qualified coaches.

Our fitness centre offers spinning, strength, stomach, tightening up, bosu, yoga and pilates classes.

Registration is done through [email protected] or in person.
There is a 15-year age limit in the fitness area.


Contact us for more information.

“Unique service, spa area and fitness centre are very good! Recomend everyone to take advantage of this possibility!”

Anne Fjordheim, Facebook

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