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Art atVestlia Resort

We at Vestlia appreciate beautiful art and have chosen to embellish our walls with masterpieces of different artists, so your stay can also be a little art experience.

First of all, Norway’s largest collection of drinking vessels is located in the lobby of Vestlia Resort. Some of these outstanding vessels date back to the 16th century, and are an important part of folk art in Norway.

In the lobby you will also find paintings by Kai Fjell and Axel Ender and graphics by Edvard Munch, which we are very proud of.

In the Kai Fjell Hall, the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings by artist Kai Fjell. Kai Fjell was a major figure in the 1930s romantic-expressive Norwegian painting, in clear opposition to the more dominant formalistic direction. Almost 30 years old he was called “Edvard Munch’s successor”. One critic called him “the woman’s chivalrous knight and the longing and sometimes melancholic Eros’ poet”.

The new chambre séparée, Bærasalen, is named after Embrik Bæra, one of the premier rose painters in Hallingdal in the 19th century, and is decorated with furniture painted by him. The walls are beautifully adorned with wonderful paintings by Knut Bergslien, Adolph Tiedemand and Bengt Nordenberg. In the restaurant you will also find a large and beautiful painting of world-renowned Peder Balke.

In addition, we have the motifs in the Fairytale Pool, based on Theodor Kittelsen’s famous fairytale work. That’s what we call great art!

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