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Our chambre séparées


Our newest chambre séparée, Bærasalen, is placed in the restaurant and is adorned with wonderful and exciting Norwegian art. The hall seats 30 people.

Kai Fjell-salen

The wonderful Kai Fjell Hall is made for the magic and unforgettable moments.  This is the perfect venue for your special celebrations. Vestlia Resort is situated in beautiful surroundings at Geilo – and from the Kai Fjell Hall you get a breathtaking view over the Ustedalfjord and Hallingskarvet.

The venue seats 130 guests on round tables and has modern conference facilities.

The Kai Fjell hall is adorned with beautiful paintings of artist, Kai Fjell. Kai Fjell was a main figure in the 1930 romantic-expressive period in Norway, in clear opposition to the dominant formalist direction. Barely 30 years old, he was proclaimed “Edvard Munch’s successor”. One critic called him “the woman’s chivalrous interpreter, a growing power and the wistful and sometimes melancholic Eros’ poet”.

Gommostogu is a traditional Hallingstue (hall) perfect for parties with up to 40 people. In connection with the Gommostogu we have Låven (The Barn) where the guests can gather before dinner with a glass of champagne or after dinner with music and an open bar. All on the same floor. If you wish to use both Gommostogu and Låven you can seat up to 80 people for dinner.

Gommostugu is very popular and must be booked well in advance.

Hallingstua is a traditional building form, which you will find throughout Hallingdal. Hallingstuer are known since the beginning of the 1700s. After having been used with caution hand for hundreds of years, the difficult times of the 60-70s arrived when many wanted to get rid of the “old junk” – and many hallingstuer were sold to museums or liebhabers all over the country who wanted to use them as cottages. During the last couple of decades the hallingstuer have regained popularity and are often used for cottages. Gommostugu is a beautiful example of a hallingstue, and well deserves its nice name.

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