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Welcome to the perfect ski holiday at Geilo. Here, we have slopes for all ages and all skill levels. Enjoy the slopes and enjoy the hotel. Vestlia Resort offers a holiday feeling for kids and adults. Play in the pool or set some time for the adults in the spa. In the restaurant you can enjoy good food from the mountains.

There is no doubt that Geilo is one of Norway’s absolute best ski resorts with a unique offer to alpinists, jibbers, and snowboard enthusiasts. Here you will find parks and arenas adapted to all levels. As many as 40 slopes can be enjoyed, with everything from black trails to children’s slopes. The ski slopes at Geilo are divided on two sides of the city center, and you can easily take the ski bus between the different places.


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The price includes:

  • Double room
  • Breakfast
  • Free WiFi
  • Free access to Eventyrbadet
  • Free parking

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