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Opening hours spa

Mon-Fri: 10-20, Sat: 10-19, Sun: 10-15

Opening hours fitness

Every day from: 06-22

Spa customers: Free entrance to our climate zone/spa area.
Hotel guests: 200 kr
Other guests: 490 kr
“Spa Yourself” kit: 395,- includes 5 pieces of products from Babor, small size.

The price includes the rental of bathrobe, towel and slippers.

Fridays and Saturdays are our spa reserved for guests who have booked treatments.
Age limit in our climate zone 16 years.

The cancellation deadline for treatments is 24 hours before the agreed hour, otherwise the hour will be charged in full.

Signature treatments

Vestlia Relax Anti-Age

Babor’s exclusive anti-age HSR treatment. Fills out fine lines, strengthens the connective tissue and feels very firming. We use high-tec anti-aging ingredients that leaves the skin fresh and smooth. Includes deep clean, custom serum and relaxing face massage. A special mask is applied and while it works, we  massage the scalp, hands and feet.

80 min 1 990,-  100 min 2 390,-

Babor Special Treatment

We “crash” and saturate your skin in the noblest drops from Babor’s ampoule serum. These amazing and effective ampoules are put on in layers. The result is a radiant glow, vitality and rejuvenation. An amazing moisture boost for a tired, dry and lifeless skin. Includes deep cleans, peeling, ampoules and face massage. A special mask is applied, and while it works, we massage the scalp, hands and feet.

80 min 1 990,-  100 min 2 390,-

Babor Special Treatment Grand Cru Rose

We now offer the Babor Special Treatment with Rosemary powder and Argan oil. An active Anti Wrinkle treatment for those who love the scent of rose and exclusive ingredients. The Grand Cru Rose Glow optimizes your skin with resilience and energy. Talk to our dermatologist and she will choose the right ampoules for you and your skin type.

80 min 1 990,-  100 min 2 390,-

Dr. Babor

Our highly acclaimed cosmeceutical treatments that work targeted on all skin types. The advanced active substances work on the skin and provide effective and visible results. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, customized serum and facial massage. A special mask is applied, and while it works, we massage the scalp, hands and feet.

80 min 1 990,-  100 min 2 390,-

Dr. Schrammek “Green Peeling with Spa Feeling

Wellness and pure pleasure in combination with refreshing Green Peel Fresh Up. A comprehensive treatment that gives your skin health, strength and resilience. In this bespoke Green Peel treatment you get deep cleansing, special mask and massage of the face shoulders and scalp. Finishes with hand and foot massage. The treatment fits all skin types.

80 min 1990, –  100 min 2390, –

Babor Basic

Babor Basic Skin care

Our skin therapist adjusts the treatment according to skin type and needs. Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, ampoule and mask. Massage of face, neck and shoulders.

50 min 1 150,-    80 min 1 650,-

Basic Men’s Skin Care

A masculine treatment for men’s skin type and needs. Cleansing, peeling, serum and mask. Massage of face, neck and shoulders.

50 min 1 150,-  80 min 1 650,-

Dr. Schrammek Green Peel

Green Peel Fresh Up

A mild herbal treatment popularly called “Party Peel”. This treatment provides a natural skin renewal with amazing glow, without irritation. Thus, you can go to party or to work right after the treatment. Fits all and all skin types and initiates different processes: slows aging, improves skin barrier and strengthens sensitive skin.
Price for special mask 150, -.

50 min 1150,-  80 min 1650,-

Green Peel Energy

A bit deeper treatment than Fresh Up. The treatment affects lines, large pores and acne and can show very good results on problem skin. Green Peel Energy gives an immediate effect and perfectly fits the busy man / woman who wants a very effective treatment without limiting everyday life. You can get a little red right after the peeling but this will settle down in a matter of hours.
Price for special mask 150, -.

50 min 1150,-  80 min 1650,-

Green Peel Classic

This is the original GREEN PEEL® Classic method and the strongest treatment. Developed by Dr. med. Christne Schrammek, used for almost 60 years in over 70 countries. Stimulants, improves uneven skin, large pores, acne, lines and age spots. The skin will floss after 3 – 4 days. The result is complete skin renewal. After 5-6 days you will come back and receive a remedial treatment. Contact us for further information and scheduling.

Special cure that includes 2 treatments 2750,-

Signature Treatments

Vestlia Relax

A wonderful experience where the unique, blue-green spirulina algae is in the centre. Scrub, hydro bath, nutritious hot body wrap and face massage with ampoule/mask. Relaxing body massage.

100 min 2 390,-

Champagne and rose ceremony for two

A 5-star treatment. Refreshing champagne bath, comfortable body massage, moisture wrap and face massage with ampoule/mask.

2 390,- pr. person

Your dream day

Price: From choice of treatments, a minimum of 150 min. Half-day package that includes treatments and lunch. Contact us for a day made especially for you.

Body wraps

Clay Wrap

Clay wrap that remineralizes, revitalizes and increases circulation. Includes face and scalp massage. Ends with a moisturizing body lotion.

80 min 1 650,-

Moisterising body wrap

A lovely, relaxing and moisturizing body treatment with deliciously fragranced aromatic oils. Includes face and scalp massage.

80 min 1 650,-

Spirulina algae body wrap

A very nutritious, stimulating and cleansing body treatment with the unique blue-green algae. Includes face and scalp massage. Ends with a moisturising body lotion.

80 min 1 650,-

Spa Special


A totally relaxing top-to-toe treatment. We start treatment with a relaxing and soothing back mask. Then, you’ll enjoy a body massage that releases tension and stress points where the focus is hands, feet, scalp and stomach. Finishes with a fantastic scalp treatment that includes massage and moisture mask that acts nourishing and repairing on the hair and scalp. The hair is then swaddled into hot, soothing towels.

80 min 1 650,-

Hot Stone massage

Deep-acting massage with lava stones that warms and relieves muscles and stiff joints. A very special treatment that provides amazing warmth and calmness for the entire body. Finishes with facial massage.

80 min 1 650,-

Candle massage

Wellness massage with warm, lovely scented waxy oil from candlelights. Incredibly softening and moisturising. The skin feels smooth and silky after this treatment.

80 min 1 650,-

Bamboo Massage

Enjoy the heat from the bamboo sticks in combination with this old, unique treatment technique. Promotes circulation, cleansing and relaxation. Perfect for tension and tight muscles. A very effective and popular treatment that is highly recommended.

80 min 1 650,-


Mild and comfortable body treatment customized to her needs.

Foot scrub and massage. Customized massage of back and neck. Lovely hand and arm massage. Finishes with express face and scalp massage.

80 min 1 650,-


Classic face and scalp massage

Light face cleaner with subsequent massage of face and scalp. We then apply a moisturizing face mask and end the treatment with foot or hand massage as desired. 80 min includes peeling and special mask.

50 min 1 150,-

Anti-Stress So Pure LX Scalp treatment

Close your eyes and relax. Thoughts and stress vanishes during this treatment.
A luxurious, specially designed Keune So Pure-treatment that resolves stress points and tight scalps. The treatment begins with massage of the neck shoulders and scalp. Then the hair is swaddled with a scalp and hot, fluffy towels. The treatment ends with wonderful foot or hand massage.

50 min 1 150,-

Sport massage

A treating massage where we work directly on muscle groups and problem areas. The spa therapist customizes the treatment after your needs.

50 min 1 150,-  80 min 1 650,-

Classic massage

Deep acting massage that releases sore points and tensions. The spa therapist customizes the treatment after your needs.

50 min 1 150,-   80 min 1 650,-

Aroma Massage

A relaxing, calm and comfortable massage with aromatic oils. The treatment is amazing both for body and mind, and gives a holistic sense of wellness.

50 min 1 150,-  80 min 1 650,-


Fresh mountain scrub

Body scrub with a scent of well-being. Often the skin feels dry and dull – even when it is moisturized with body lotion. A professional body scrub effectively removes dead skin cells and makes the skin clean, healthy and smooth. After the scrub we apply a moisturizing and fragrant body cream. The cream will now penetrate and “saturate” the skin optimally with moisture.80 min treatment: Includes light body massage. Recommended: Please extend your Babor Express face treatment. This mini process includes a light wash with peeling, bamboo moisturizer and face mask.
Efficient and softening body scrub with moisturizing bodycream.
Efficient and softening body scrub which ends with a light body massage.
Efficient and softening body scrub which includes a facial peeling. Ends with face and body massage.

Mini spa

Pick one or more of your favourites below and create your own spa day.
The following treatments last for 25 minutes each.

Facial massage
Light cleansing and massage of face.
Back massage
Relieves muscle tension and provides increased mobility in relevant area.
Foot massage
Relieves tension and blockage in feet and legs
Shoulder neck and scalp massage
An overall relaxing and effective massage focusing on stress points.

750,- per treatment

Gift Cards

Wondering what to give to your significant other? Look no further. The gift card gives you access to world of spa treatments and your loved one can enjoy a whole day in our wonderful spa area.

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Our Products

We also sell the wonderful products used in the spa treatments. What about having a spa day at home? We also carry truly fantastic Babor products at Vestlia Spa. Visit us or book them online and get them delivered to your home.

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