We are proud to accommodate a variety of events on Vestlia Resort.

You are guaranteed to find an event that suits you.


Yoga retreat

APRIL 26-28, 2024

Welcome to a yoga retreat at Vestlia Resort with Yogaspirit! A weekend for replenishing energy - to clean out the winter and open our hearts to spring and light! A weekend that gives you the opportunity to build strength and stand firmly in yourself, listen to yourself and find peace - for more vitality. We always strive to make everyone feel seen, and that our practice is adapted to your own body, and that you should experience a sense of mastery!


Holiday weekend

3.-5. MAY 2024

Join us for a weekend full of luxury and private time! Enjoy good sleep, breathing breaks and delicious food. Come home with new training inspiration and knowledge from inspiring lectures about training, believing in yourself and a sense of bodily freedom! There will be yoga classes, dance, Burlesque shows, stand up, exercise, spa, walks and fellowship. A weekend made for you to lower your shoulders and just be!


GoCart Circuit - Grand Prix Geilo

24.-25. MAY 2024

Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled weekend on wheels? Then Grand Prix Geilo is the place to be! We create a "mini Monaco" atmosphere in the pedestrian street and Geilovegen. Big stars in both motorsport and entertainment travel to Geilo to create a show with Gokarts, focus on speed and fun! In the evening, there will be an After Race at Vestlia Resort, with Halva Priset on stage.


Shape Up Weekend

7.-9. JUNE 2024

Bring your girlfriends and join Shape Up on the most beautiful training weekend of the year! Get new inspiration and motivation, have fun and feel good! Simply an unforgettable weekend you cannot miss.



14.-16. JUNE 2024

For the tenth time, we invite you to an energetic girls' weekend packed with exercise, yoga, delicious SPA and socializing! The scheme is suitable for women of all ages and shapes.

aftp weekend

AFPT weekend

16.-18. AUGUST 2024

This is an event for people who love exercise and want to get motivation, training tips for their own training and for training with others. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet others who share your interest in fitness. The weekend is full of different training experiences and lectures that will give you inspiration and professional replenishment.


Hero at Vidda Festival

30.-31. AUGUST 2024

Helt på vidda festival gives the audience an unforgettable musical experience in raw, Norwegian nature! Buy tickets now and experience diverse artists up close.


Tara Weekend

30. AUGUST - 1. SEPTEMBER 2024

Welcome to Vestlia Resort and Tara Weekend 14-16. October 2022. The Tara editorial team promises full throttle from the start!
Here there will be laughter and life, lectures for reflection, yoga and women's meetings you won't soon forget. Not least, we will once again choose "the bravest woman of the year", and pay tribute to our tough finalists with a big party on Saturday evening.


Core & floor

SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2024

Break with Core & floor is a unique training event for you and your baby, created to give you a break from the busy pace of everyday life. A respite from the usual time-consuming tasks at home, for the benefit of strengthening both body and soul - together with your baby.


Chamomile Weekend

13.-15. SEPTEMBER 2024

Kamille guarantees a weekend of inspiring lectures, a wide range of varied training classes with skilled instructors, and a good dose of laughter! You get a goodie bag on arrival, great offers in the "shopping street", wonderful breakfast buffet and tasty dinners - and not least, lots of good entertainment!


Art Weekend

20.-22. SEPTEMBER 2024

In just a few years, monumental, spectacular and functional cultural buildings have been established over large parts of the country. What does this significant investment mean? We will shed light on this during this year's Art Weekend. Listen to exciting lectures on art and cultural investments as a tool for renewal, participate in the good conversation, get involved and enjoy good food and drink.


Robust career health

20.-22. SEPTEMBER 2024

Train your head, soul and body with Elaine Bloom and Mariann Deila! Treat yourself to a break from a hectic everyday life and join us on a weekend full of experiences - mentally, physically and socially! In addition to lectures and workshops in mental training and career health with two of Norway's most experienced coaches, you get inspiring, varied and fun training sessions.



OCTOBER 18-20, 2024

Yoga weekend is a fantastic weekend packed with yoga, exercise, meditation, learning, relaxation, good food, laughter and friendship. YogaWeekend is organized by Camilla Gjøstøl - owner and founder of Le Club - and the weekend offers a variety of yoga genres led by some of Norway's best yoga teachers. The weekends are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience and energy level.


Knitting weekend

OCTOBER 25 - 27, 2024

The knitting weekend offers exciting, educational lectures - both in design and history. In addition, fun workshops are offered where you can, among other things, learn to design your own knitted garments or try your hand at Kontstrikk. This weekend guarantees good atmosphere, fantastic nature and exciting content, and you will meet like-minded knitting enthusiasts and make (or knit) new friendships!




For the eighth year in a row, we invite you to an active cross-country skiing weekend packed with ski courses, training, SPA, first-class food and socializing. SkiCamp is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. You can choose between classical and skating, possibly both. We provide 1 instructor per 7 participants! This means that you will receive very close and good follow-up throughout the weekend.

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