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All days: 07.00–22.00
Limited availability

+47 32 08 72 20.

Guests at the hotel must pick up the key to fitness at the reception or spa reception.

Welcome to Vestlia Resort’s fitness centre. The fitness area is 300 square metres with a modern gym, a spinning hall, and a hall for classes such as aerobics, yoga and pilates, etc.


Our gym is filled with cardio and exercise equipment for maximum effect; treadmills from woodway and life fitness, bicycles, ellipses, stair machines, rowing machines, exercise machines, weights m.m. Our qualified trainers are happy to help and guide you.


Our new addition is a crossfit gym suitable for functional training. Here you will find monkeybars, plyoboxes, sledge, medicineballs, barbells, kettlebells, rings and ropes. Make training effective and fun, feel free.


The spinning room can be rented by training groups (contact We run spinning classes for our gym members. You cannot reserve a place, but if it is available, you are most welcome to join.

Kristin Dyveke

Personal training

Get in better shape or build muscle with personal trainer! A personal trainer prepares a tailor-made plan to give you maximum motivation and training effect. Your personal trainer is your training partner who monitors the entire implementation of the training class, so that you get the most out of the fitness training and help to reach your goals. Learning focus and top motivation are guaranteed! The trainer has in-depth knowledge of training, diet and measurable results.

Registration is done per. mail or in person with us.