September 10-12, 2024


Hedvig Bang-Førsund invites you to

Break with Core & floor

I finally invite you to the very first Break with Core & floor - a unique training event created to give you a break from the busy pace of everyday life. A respite from the usual time-consuming tasks at home, in favor of strengthening both body and soul - together with your baby.


I've put together a tailor-made program consisting of great workouts, delicious food and outdoor activities. There will be strength, mobility and yoga, and not least the opportunity for a delicious treatment between strokes.
We are lucky enough to have with us Mona Elsness, a dedicated osteopath, physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She will be available for treatments, whether you have birth or postpartum related issues, or if you just need someone to talk to.

We do it together

Meeting, sharing knowledge and doing good things for ourselves together is a real vitamin pill and boost that you can take back home to your everyday life. A break with Core & floor will be an opportunity to meet in the joys and worries that come with motherhood, and Core & floor will contribute to more community and unity that you will benefit from when you get home too.

Outdoor life & nature

I use nature and the outdoors as a respite from everyday life, and have great faith in, and good experience with, the surplus we can find in nature. It's like a quick charge, and a low-terrain hike to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air is part of this break with Core & Floor. We'll take a little stroll/troll that's adapted for pushing a trolley, and I hope to share with you how you can make it as easy as possible to get out and about with children. The destination is a cozy lavvo where lunch will be served.

Join us for a fun and sporty weekend filled with customized training, social gatherings and delicious food. Bring your maternity group, a friend or come alone. Core & floor is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or physical level.

Vestlia Resort is a warm and cozy hotel in the middle of Geilo's beautiful mountain scenery. The hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and offers everything from single rooms to beautiful apartments in a warm and comfortable lodge style.

In addition to the cozy and warm hotel feeling Vestlia Resort offers, you will also find many child-friendly facilities. The Eventyrbadet pool and playland are two favorites!

Program coming soon


Training with Hedvig is the best investment I've ever made for myself! 

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