Robust career health

September 20 - 22, 2024 with Elaine Bloom & Mariann Deila


Exercise your mind, soul and body with Elaine and Mariann! Treat yourself to a break from your hectic everyday life and join us for an eventful weekend - mentally, physically and socially! In addition to lectures and workshops in mental training and career health with two of Norway's most experienced coaches, you will get inspiring, varied and fun workouts.

This weekend's review theme is twofold:

How to build mental resilience - to withstand a punch and dare to live? And; Koncrete tools and inspiration to take care of your career health so that you can maintain drive and ambition in your career where security, meaning, peace and balance are key.

Invest in this unique opportunity and gain energy, new friendships, new knowledge, great mastery experiences and renewed motivation!

This weekend is for those who

  • you feel that you need to take more breaks to put your own health higher on the agenda.
  • tend to let work demands, family commitments and other people's expectations trump their own needs.
  • have a desire and a goal to create a better work-life balance.
  • like to develop and are open to new experiences.
  • enjoy, or want to be more physically active (NOTE! You do NOT need to be highly trained to participate in this weekend, we adapt sessions and exercises to your starting point, use this weekend as a kickstart for further training in the fall).
  • long for inspiration, replenishment and concrete tips for mental and physical training, so that it becomes easier for you to put thoughts into action in everyday life.

Key words for the weekend:

  • Exciting lectures and workshops in mental training and career health with Elaine and Mariann. Key words for the theme are self-management, meaning, calm, work-life balance, courage, self-esteem, confidence, boundary setting, motivation and drive.
  • Versatile and effective training suitable for everyone, we adapt to your level.
  • Strength training with your own body weight and simple equipment such as ropes and elastic bands.
  • Aerobics: Interval-based group classes to driving music with an endorphin guarantee, easy steps and a high heart rate! 
  • Zumba! Fun and flexible step class with a high playfulness factor and live drums.
  • Dynamic stretching and relaxation.  
  • Guided meditations.
  • Socializing, good vibes and delicious food and wine = ENJOYMENT.

Elaine Bloom

Elaine Bloom is the developer of the career health model, and is behind -frastress til styrke, and she runs the company - fra usikkerhet til klarhet, rolig og mening.

She is certified in neuroscience with a focus on leadership and organizational development from MIT Sloan. She holds a master's degree in career counseling, is a trained educator and a certified master coach.

Elaine is passionate about a holistic approach to life and career guidance. She is a highly sought-after career counselor, speaker, coach and leadership developer. She is a former head of department, manager, and project manager with a focus on the whole person. Elaine has worked nationally and internationally with thousands of people aged 16-64 from over 71 countries, and diversity, equality, women's health, inclusion skills, social justice and community are central to her work.

She is also behind the podcast "Career guidance with Elaine", is a regular writer for AW magazine, and writes regularly for FRIIDA - women's health online.


Mariann Deila

Mental coach and author Mariann Deila has been helping individuals and companies to develop and increase their resilience since 2013. She facilitates the growth of others through one-on-one conversations and group coaching, in addition to giving lectures and courses in self-management, mental training and communication. 

She is an approved coach in the Norwegian Coach Association (DNCF) and is one of only eight internationally certified coaches in Norway in her coaching methodology, which is based on cognitive psychology. 

Deila is also a trained journalist and political scientist. She has previously worked nine years as a news journalist in media such as VG and NRK, and four years as a strategic analyst in the police. She has written three bestselling books: Project Strong, Train where you are and Robust - 6 concrete steps to withstand a punch and dare to live.