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The Skating Rink is unfortunately not open this year


2 km plowed in a width of 10 m

Rent include

Skating steel with binding, ice spikes, and helmet.


NOK 200.- per person for 3 hours


Reception at Vestlia Resort

Welcome to SkateGeilo
When the skating rink is open, please contact the reception for more info on renting gear.
SkateGeilo is created under the auspices of Vestlia Resort with the goal of giving more to our guests and to local people. Ustedalsfjorden, northwest of Vestlia, shows itself from its best winter side - 20 cm thick ice (applies to marked courses), suitable for all kinds of skating. We break a 2 km long marked course with a width of 10 m.
In addition, there is an ice hockey / figure skating / ice skating rink by Badestranden on the north side of the fjord. The track is reached from Vestlia by following the marking tape in a northwesterly direction towards the fjord.

All types of skates fit. Use poles for better stability. Helmet prevents. Dress according to the weather!
Bring a club and puck / ball for play along the court. Kick fits well - use spikes. If you walk, spikes / studs are highly recommended. Ice skating is a growing activity - our ice rink is perfect!

World champion Håvard Bøkko is responsible for renting folding skates from Zandstra; skates with cross-country binding NNN and NNN BC - use your own ski boots!
The rental package consists of skating steel with binding, ice spikes and helmet. Talk to the reception at Vestlia Resort.
NOK 200.- per piece for 3 hours

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